Skin Care Tips – Derma Roller

Scientia Derma Roller

DermaRoller To Reduce Wrinkles, Scars & Stretch Marks

The derma roller is a fantastic little tool.  It is an ancient skin needling device that naturally increases the levels of elastin and collagen in your skin.

This means that by increasing the collagen it will help restore the skin and repair it to a cosmetic level.  So in effect it can be used as a non-surgical face lift.

It has been reported that Hollywood stars such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie use the derma roller on their facial skin to keep their wrinkles at bay!

But it has many more uses than just used on the face to reduce wrinkles:

Use The Derma Roller To:

  • Prevent aging
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Smooth out surgical scars
  • Remove acne scars
  • Hair restoration
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Remove stretch marks

The scientia dermaroller is an FDA approved product and manufactured / quality controlled in accordance with ISO/CE/FDA standards.  It is based and shipped from the UK but has worldwide shipping for our overseas friends.

It is also known as skin micro needling or collagen induction therapy which is a popular cosmetic procedure.  However, the derma roller is a very safe and tested method to encourage collagen and renew the skin which can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Before And After Derma Roller Pictures

Did you know that the home dermaroller procedure gives very similar results to chemical peels, laser treatment and dermabrasion?  Yes it does and it is considerably less invasive on your skin and is by far much cheaper than any of the mentioned treatments.

This picture shows the removal of wrinkles from this mans forehead:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Derma Roller Made Of?

It is a small hand held application with the roller holding 192 micro needles.  The needs are made of ‘Gamma Sterilised’ medical grade steel and are only 1 millimetre long.

Other sized needles are also available depending on your skin texture and what you intend to use the dermaroller for (acne scar, wrinkles, stretch marks etc).

How Do You Use It And How Does It Work?

You roll it over your skin and the short sharp needles will prick your upper dermal skin layers which results in your pores opening temporarily (for about 1 hour).  Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt as you will only feel a tickling sensation, you won’t draw blood either as the needles are too fine and are designed to simply puncture the top layer of your skin.

When your skins surface is punctured, the body reacts by producing more collagen and elastin to that specific area.  Therefore your skin will rejuvenate itself with new skin tissue.  So by using the dermaroller several times per week you will literally renew your skin which reduces the appearance of wrinkles, scars, crows feet, fine lines, stretch marks and cellulite.

In addition you will also be restoring old skin into new healthy, vibrant youthful looking skin!

Where On My Body Can I Use It?

You can use the derma roller on any part of your body including your neck, knees, face, around the eyes (for crows feet), arms, thighs, cheeks, abdomen and scalp.  The only places where you cannot use the dermaroller are the eye lids and the lips.

How Long Before I See Results?

It has been noted that you can see visible results within 7 days.  However, this can vary immensely depending on what condition you are treating and how well your skin rejuvenates.

Your skin sheds and renews itself every 30 days anyway so by using the derma roller it can only speed things up and visible changes can be seen quickly.

Is It Safe?

Yes it is safe.  Micro-needling is actually an ancient oriental acupuncture technique which has been around for hundreds of thousands of years and remember, the Scientia Derma Roller is FDA approved.

It is manufactured / quality controlled in accordance with ISO/CE/FDA standards and the needles are medical gamma sterilised according to ISO 11137.

Where Can I Buy A Derma Roller?

You can buy the derma roller from the official FDA approved Derma Roller website based in the UK.  Don’t worry if you live outside the UK because they ship worldwide.

The shipping is very fast to all countries including USA, Canada and Australia. You are charged in your own currency from your credit card.

Warning! There are many different kinds of micro-needling skin rollers on the market, but please don’t settle for cheap imitations.  These could potentially be dangerous as you don’t know what you are buying and your skin could get damaged.

For example, you might purchase a cheaper roller with the incorrect length of needle or the needles could have jagged edges or are not ‘gamma sterilised’ – please don’t take any chances.

Read The Guarantee:

Extra Anti Aging Skin Care Benefits

I’ve talked and written about using anti aging serums containing retinol and copper peptides and how effective they are when they go to work through your pores.  However, only a small amount of these serums/creams actually penetrate into your skins dermal layer.

But after using the derma roller your pores will be wide open for up to one hour, therefore wouldn’t this be a brilliant time to put on your best anti aging cream or serum?  This way the cream (including retinol and copper peptides) can easily be absorbed deep into your skin making it so much more effective.

You will see a vast improvement to your anti aging creams’ effectiveness reducing those crows feet and fine lines in a much shorter amount of time!

You might also want to read about facial exercises.

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